In loving memory of

passed away on
02 December 2019

Age: 92 passed away peacefully on 2 December 2019 Dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones. Husband: Tan Chee Hock (Deceased) Sons & Daughters-in-law: Tan Kay Song, Bob & Eleanor Tan Tan Kay Kiang, Michael & Toh Woon Cheng Daughters & Sons-in-law: Tan Hwee Hua, Sally & Soon Chee Yin Tan Hwee Hia, Irene & Koh Hue Boon, Gilbert Grandsons & Granddaughters-in-law: Tan Thuan Meng, Wesley & Hua XiaoLing Tan Chuan Zhong & Michelle Ahn Tan Thuan Chye, Bryan & Lalita Nitivongpaiboon Soon Kwo Chuan, Christopher & Gwee Jia Yin, Ginny Dr Soon Kwo Pin, Joseph & Heng Tze-Ping, Amanda Granddaughters & Grandson-in-law: Tan Siew Gek, Gayle & Dennis Lee Mun Hoong Koh Mei Li, Joanne Great-grandchildren: Rachel Soon Chen KangBao Nicholas James Lee Jun Wei Olivia Tan Wen Yin Andy Tan Leah Soon Victoria Kate Lee Hui Zhen Matthias David Lee Jun Jie Sharon Tan And all relatives and friends.

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My deepest condolences.You are in my thoughts and prayers.So sorry for your loss.Condolences on your loss.Deepest sympathies.