Frequently Asked Questions

For next-of-kin:

Opt in to receive condolence money via PayNow

About this service

How it works

1. At point of placing the obituary, you can choose to nominate and immediate family member of the deceased to be the recipient.

2. Our counter staff will verify that the mobile number of this family member is registered with PayNow.

3. On the digital obituary, there will be a link to send condolence money.

4. Friends and family will see the nominated member, their relationship to the deceased, and the mobile number to send the money to.

5. They can then send the condolence money via their own mobile banking app to the recipient.

6. The nominated recipient will receive the money in his/her bank account.

What is this service for?
The “Send Condolence Money” service is a value-added feature to help you notify others which immediate relative has been nominated to receive condolence money. This is to make it more convenient for friends to use PayNow to send condolence money to the family of the deceased.
Is there a charge to use this service?
No. The service allows you to inform your friends who they can send condolence money to via PayNow. SPH does not facilitate any payments, and senders make direct transfers to the designated mobile number using PayNow.
Who should I nominate to receive condolence money?
The recipient should:
  1. be an immediate family member
  2. be authorised by the family to handle finances for the deceased
  3. have his/her mobile number registered with PayNow
How will my friends know who they are sending condolence money to?
When your friends transfer money using PayNow, the bank will display your registered nickname before they begin a fund transfer. They can counter-check this against the information displayed in the digital obituary page.
How long will this service be available on the digital obituary page?
SPH will remove the recipient’s name and mobile number from the digital obituary 7 days after it is published. Friends who wish to continue sending contributions will have to approach you directly.
For friends and family:

Sending condolence money with the help of the digital obituary service

How to send condolence money to the bereaved family?
You can send a condolence contribution to the family through a mobile number they have nominated. The fund transfer takes place via PayNow.

1. On the digital obituary, there will be a link to send condolence money.

2. Copy the mobile number displayed on the pop-up box.

3. Launch your preferred bank's online banking service or mobile app.

4. Look for the PayNow function and follow the instructions to make a funds transfer.

5. Paste the number you have copied into the recipient's box. Verify that the recipient's nickname is correct before confirming the transfer.

6. You will receive an SMS from your bank confirming the transfer.

About PayNow
What is PayNow?
PayNow is a peer-to-peer electronic funds transfer service available to customers of the following banks: DBS Bank/POSB, HSBC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and UOB.
How do I register for PayNow?
You can do a one-time link of your mobile number to the bank account that you want the money to be sent to. You can register your mobile number on your bank’s website or digital banking app.
Are there any fees and charges to receive money through PayNow?
PayNow is a free funds transfer service provided by the Association of Banks in Singapore.
Which banks offer the PayNow service?
PayNow is offered by the following nine participating banks:

About this service

The “Send Condolence Money” service is a value-added feature provided SPH to simplify planning on behalf of the bereaved family during the last leg of their loved one’s life journey. SPH does not charge an administrative fee for this service. As this is a third-party service, SPH will not be responsible for any eventual transfer of condolence contributions